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Watery Eyes

Your eyes need special care and attention

What is Watery Eyes?


Tears serve a few important jobs in your body. They keep your eyes greased up and help to wash away unfamiliar particles and residue. They are likewise a part of your safe framework that ensures you against disease.

Organs under the skin of your upper eyelids produce tears, which contain water and salt. At the point when you flicker, tears spread and keep your eyes wet. Different organs produce oils that shield tears from vanishing excessively quickly or from spilling out of your eyes.

Tears are ordinarily released through your tear channels and afterward dissipate. At the point when you produce an excessive number of tears, they overpower your tear conduits, and you create watery eyes.

More often than not, watery eyes resolve without treatment, yet the condition can become a ceaseless issue.


Causes of Watery Eyes

One of the most pervasive purposes behind watery eyes is a dry eye disorder. Very dry eyes can make you produce overabundance tears.

Among other normal causes are:

  • Climate conditions
  • Environmental variables
  • Basic cold, sinus issues, and hypersensitivities
  • Eyelid turned outward or internal
  • Cancer treatments

Treatment for Watery Eyes


  • Remedy eye drops
  • Treating hypersensitivities that make your eyes watery
  • Antimicrobials for eye contamination.
  • A warm, wet towel put on your eyes, which can help with blocked tear pipes
  • Medical procedure to fix the tear waste framework.
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