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Retinal Treatment

Your eyes need special care and attention

What do you mean by Retinal Treatment?


A crisis when part of the eye (the retina) pulls from strong tissue. Treatment is done when retinal separation is a crisis. Tissue at the rear of the eye pulls from a layer of veins that give fundamental oxygen and sustenance. The presence of numerous pieces of flotsam and jetsam (floaters), abrupt blazes of light, or a shadow in the visual field are manifestations.


What are Retinal Diseases and Types?

Retinal diseases can influence any piece of your retina, a meager layer of tissue within the back mass of your eye.


  • Retinal tear
  • Macular hole
  • Retinitis pigmentosa


The principal objectives of treatment are to stop or moderate malady movement and protect, improve, or reestablish your vision.
Following Treatments are as per the following:

Using a laser: Aser medical procedures can fix a retinal tear or gap. Quick laser treatment of another retinal tear can diminish its opportunity causing a retinal separation.

Implanting a retinal prosthesis: A small anode chip is embedded in the retina that gets contribution from a camcorder on a couple of eyeglasses for visuals to the individual.

Shrinking abnormal blood vessels: Your primary care physician may utilize a dissipate laser photocoagulation strategy to recoil abnormal fresh blood vessels that are draining or taking steps to seep into the eye.

Freezing: This procedure is called cryopexy, your specialist applies a freezing test to the outside mass of the eye to treat a retinal tear.



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