Types of Visual Activity Tests

There are a few unique kinds of visual sharpness tests. Contingent upon the type of test and where it’s led, the analysis can be performed by:

  •   An optometrist
  •   An ophthalmologist
  •   An optician
  •   A technician
  •   A nurse


You may require an eye test on the off chance that you feel you’re encountering a vision issue or your vision has changed. It’s a piece of a complete eye test.

Optometrists, driver’s permit departments, and numerous different associations utilize this test to check your capacity to see.

Standard Visual Acuity tests performed.

d.Snellen: This test utilizes a diagram of letters or images. The letters are of various sizes and orchestrated in lines and segments. Seen from 14 to 20 feet away, this graph decides how well you can see letters and shapes. Random E: In this test, you will distinguish the course the letter “E” is confronting. Taking a gander at the letter on a diagram or projection, you’ll point toward the path the letter is facing: up, down, left, or right.

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