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A Cataract is a thick, overcast territory that structures in the focal point of the eye. If you are suffering from Cataract, book a consultation now!


Phacoemulsification cataract surgery is a procedure wherein an ultrasonic gadget is utilized to separate an overcast focal point.

Cataract Laser Surgery

Also called the Refractive Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery, Laser Cataract surgery is an advanced type of cataract surgery.

Eye Screening

Vision Screening or Eye screening is a concise test that searches for potential vision issues and eye issues.

Eye Care

Eyecare is done for various reasons: to clean the eye of release and outside layers, preceding eye drop installation.

Visual Acuity Test

A Visual Acuity Test is an eye test that checks how well you see the subtleties of a letter or image.

Slit-lamp Examination

Diseases of the eye can be hard to analyze during an overall physical assessment…

Retinal Exam

A retinal assessment now and again called ophthalmoscopy, or funduscopy permits your PCP to assess the rear of your eye, including the retina.

Headache Treatment

Your head hurts. Once more. The initial phase in thwarting your successive cerebral pains is figuring out what sort of migraine you have.

Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a typical condition that happens when your tears can’t give sufficient grease to your eyes.

Retinal Treatment

A crisis when part of the eye (the retina) pulls from strong tissue. Treatment is done when retinal separation is a crisis.

Watery Eyes

Tears serve a few key jobs in your body. They keep your eyes greased up and help to wash away unfamiliar particles and residue.

Burning Eyes

Burning eyes can be both awkward and concerning. As a rule, consuming eyes can be determined rapidly and treated to have over-the-counter drugs.

Eye Strain

Eye strain happens when your eyes get drained from serious use, such as driving a vehicle for extended periods, perusing, etc.

Red Eyes

The redness of the eye, likewise called red eyes, can show the nearness of a few distinctive medical issues.


Fatigue can be depicted as an absence of vitality and inspiration.


A refraction test is a significant aspect of a standard eye assessment. It might likewise be known as a dream test.

Refraction Test

Retinoscopy (Ret) is a strategy for getting a target estimation of the refractive blunder of a patient’s eyes.

Keratometry Test

Keratometry test is a procedure utilized to measure the curvature of the cornea.

Peripheral Visual Field Test

It is an excellent measure of central and or side vision. And are used by your doctor to identify.