What is the keratometry test?

Keratometry test is a procedure utilized to measure the curvature of the cornea. It is mainly performed by an ophthalmologist, with the help of a device known as keratometer. And also no additional preparation required on the part of the patient. As a process is featured painlessly and significantly helps the patient to cooperate. This test also helps the relationship between object size (O), image size (I), the distance between the reflective surface and the object (d), and the radius of the reflective surface (R).

Reasons for the Keratometry test:

The main reason for examining keratometry is the control of corneal astigmatism. Also, the degree of astigmatism is determined. Also, benefited conclusions come out for keratoconus cases but every refractive patient as well. Keratometry connected with the choice of the refractive method. And not only before refractive surgery with the excimer laser.

Procedure for the keratometry test:

Firstly the patient sits in front of a particular machine called a keratometer. Secondly, Keeping the eyes open for a few seconds, a series of scales of the degree of curvature of the cornea to be done. Most advanced analysts use optical sensors. Based on a particular software, they are allowed to compare the cornea of the patient with a given value database.


Firstly concerning Keratometry patients, aftercare could be defined as the attention given. Finally, Keratometry needs to be repeated and recorded on a follow-up visit to see if there is any cause of lens wear on the cornea.

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