For what reason is it done?

Eyecare is done for various reasons: to clean the eye of release and outside layers, preceding eye drop installation, to relieve eye aggravation, to prevent corneal harm/scraped spot in the unconscious patient.

How is it done?

The patient ought to be sitting or lying with their head inclined in reverse and jawline pointing upwards.


  1.   Disclose to the patient what you are going to do regardless of whether the patient is oblivious. Ensure the bed region is away from any obstacles.
  2.   Ensure that the patient is in an agreeable position and that there is a decent light source.
  3.   Guarantee the patient’s security.
  4.   Evaluate the patient’s eyes.
  5.   Wash hands, put on gloves, and open the sterile pack.
  6.   Spot a dispensable towel around the patient’s neck.
  7.   Request that the patient close their eyelids, to maintain a strategic distance from harm to the cornea
  8.   With a dressing swab hosed in the saline 0.9% delicately swab from the inward viewpoint (nasal corner) of the eye outwards.
  9.   Repeat the same.
  10.   Dry the patient’s eyelids tenderly to expel the abundance liquid.
  11.   Wash hands altogether.
  12.   Now, whenever required, eye salve/drops are imparted.
  13.   The medication remedy ought to be checked against the name on the eye treatment/drops before cleaning patients’ eyes. The expiry date ought to likewise be kept an eye on the medicine.
  14.   Ensure that you have the right eye balm/drop for each eye.
  15.   The patient ought to be cautioned if the drug is probably going to cause symptoms, for example, obscured vision.

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